Most people know what the traditional English village green looks like.

Fewer people know what the modern ‘phoney village green scam looks like.


Nimbys are perverting the traditional, noble idea of the English village green.

They do it for their own selfish purposes and with no regard for the needs of others.


Fake claims about so-called village greens are now being used - in towns and cities all over England and Wales - purely as a device for stopping or frustrating legitimate building developments and improvements.

These modern abuses of the ancient village green system have gone so far that:

·   the law concerning genuine English village greens is now in serious disrepute;

·   both the law, and Parliament which has allowed the situation to develop to its present state, are being made to look ridiculous;

·   ordinary people in England and Wales are being robbed of their property; property which sometimes represents their entire life savings.

Traditional English village green.  This one’s in Comberton, Cambridgeshire

Example of the bogus village greens phenomenon.  The location of this tarmac area, recently claimed to be a ‘village green’ in order to stop a development, is in Lincoln

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