Some Case Studies

Here are a few case studies, exposing the abuses and the characteristics of the current system.

These help to demonstrate how the law made by an opinion given in one recent isolated and unusual case - Sunningwell - has now snowballed into an object of national shame: the great village green swindle.

A fake village green industry has grown up and, like a parasite or harmful virus, become established.

The enormous waste and costs to society are not even being measured, never mind dealt with.


It is relevant to note that none of the case study ‘village green’ applicants own any of the properties that they are making claims over.


Further cases will be added here in due course.

If you are aware of an injustice involving any so-called ’town or village green’ claim by an anti-development activist or group, please bring it to the attention of The Campaign For Real Village Greens.

Building is claimed to be a ‘village green’.

Nimbys plumb new depths at redundant swimming pool.

Two sisters of mature years suffering as a result of the ‘village green’ legislation, and the MP who tried to help them

Long-awaited community facilities and town centre regeneration, blocked by a nimby using the ‘village green’ laws.

Years of good work for local people, laid to waste and ruined in a day.  The local MP tries to alert Parliamentary colleagues.

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A homeless shelter and valuable community facilities, blocked by abuse of village green legislation.

Britain’s National Health Service has enemies it never knew about.

Defra ministers ignore the mounting problems that ‘village green’ abuse is causing.

A ‘village green’ with no grass, no space for cricket, and nowhere for the Maypole dancers.