The Land Registry

England and Wales have currently reached the position - since the outlandish Sunningwell judgement in 1999 - where a claim coming out of the blue that somebody’s land is a ‘village green’ effectively results in that owner’s property being confiscated.

There is no compensation in return for the loss of the person’s property.  There is no opportunity for reasonable negotiation, or indeed any negotiation.

Not being a third-world country, successive governments of the United Kingdom have until now espoused the view that known, certain property rights are the cornerstone of democratic government and free society.

But in England and Wales, chaos has grown up regarding the fakery of modern claims of ‘village greens’ affecting the property of third parties.

Until Section 15 of the Commons Act 2006 is finally abolished, this situation will continue to fatally undermine HM Land Registry’s stated mission and aims:*

‘Land Registry’s mission is to provide the world’s best service for securely registering ownership of land and facilitating property transactions.

In pursuit of this mission, land Registry's principal aims are:

·   to maintain and develop a stable and effective land registration system throughout England and Wales, providing the cornerstone for the creation and free movement of interests in land

·   to provide state-backed security for title to registered estates and interests in land for the whole of England and Wales

·   to provide ready access to up-to-date and guaranteed land information, enabling confident dealings in property and security of title’


*Source:  Land Registry’s Business Plan 2009-10