Kevin McCloud

‘They were saying that the land is used by children for recreation. I have heard from some residents who say that children do use that patch of land – but generally only to gain access to their property.

‘In all the times I have been there I have only ever seen a few people dog walking.’

Mar 2009

Dec 2005

Dr Evan Harris

‘The campaigners identified a legal provision whereby they could claim that the land was a "village green", despite it not looking anything like a green nor the surrounding houses anything like a village.’

Jun 2009

‘With everything ready to go, it was a disappointment to be told that on the previous Monday a nearby resident had applied for our proposed site to be given Village Green status (even though it is tarmac).’

Ian Paul, Editor, BBC Politics Show South


‘...campaigners fought back by trying to get it given village green status.  Yes, you did read that correctly - a lake as a village green.’

Feb  2008

Tessa Munt MP

‘The current law is absolutely bonkers.  In Bristol and other areas, people have been applying for village green status on bits of land that are clearly not village greens.

‘The law is being abused and not used as it was intended.’

Nov 2010

May 2006

‘Unfortunately, at least in my view, cases since 1965 have led to the registration as town or village greens of land that did not remotely correspond to a town or village green in the normally understood sense.’

Lord Scott of Foscote  (Parliamentarian and Former Law Lord)

Rev Hamish Temple (Chair of Nomad Trust homeless charity)

Dec 2003

‘The registration of land as a village green has become almost entirely just a further weapon in the armoury of those seeking to oppose development.’

Charles Mynors, Barrister

‘This outcome has nothing to do with a group of people genuinely seeking to protect the legitimate use of an amenity as a traditional village green.

‘Rather it’s a case of exploiting legislation to block a lawful development that would have brought all kinds of benefits to people living in one of the most deprived wards in the country.’

Mike Fisher, Leader of the Council, Croydon

Jan 2009

‘…where objectors fail to prevent the grant of planning permission they then apply for the registration of the land as a town or village green…’

‘I have one case where objectors have attempted to stop the building of a new hospital on a vacant site acquired many years ago for just that purpose.  The [village green] applications have been ongoing for about five years so far.’

Oct 2003

David Wood, Solicitor

‘Over the years, we have established a body of [town and village green] legislation that allows the law to be used in ways that were not intended by Parliament.’

Mar 2008

Tom Levitt (MP for High Peak 1997-2010)