The frontage of the so-called ‘village green’ is pictured above.

The picturesque wheelie bins and prominent black litter bin feature are a particularly fine adornment to this ‘village green’, along with its surface made of… well, not grass.

It is clearly preposterous, so why would somebody try to claim that this tiny patch of stone and concrete, with a complete absence of any grass, is an English village green?

The reason is that there has been local political in-fighting on the parish council.  The council’s plan to build a new disabled-friendly toilet attached to the parish offices was sternly disapproved of by some local nimbys who had fallen out with some of the councillors.  Their way of hitting back is to make use of the discredited village green legislation.

Case Study:

The ultimate ‘village green’ fake

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The proposal to be frustrated using the scam:

New disabled-friendly toilets in the village centre

Proposer of development:

Hayfield Parish Council, Derbyshire

Status of property owner:

The taxpayer (through the local parish council)

Individuals claiming that the owner’s property is a ‘town or village green’ and making the application:

Mrs Jackie Wilson of Wood Gardens, Hayfield


Dungeon Brow, Hayfield, Derbyshire