The Waste Involved

The last remaining ‘money no object’ area of government

One thing that often surprises newcomers to the bogus ‘village green’ scam is the complete immunity from any financial scrutiny or limit.

For the nimby perpetrators of the scam, it’s ‘money no object’.  Because it isn’t their money.

Areas of public waste

The waste and costs of the fake ‘village green’ industry that has grown up fall under several headings:

·   Large costs of the public inquiries into applications;

·   lawyers and legal costs.  These involve both solicitors and specialist barristers, often of QC status;

·   internal costs of registration authorities, whose staff have to be taken from other, more productive work;

·   vexatious resubmissions of applications, leading to the waste of further, repeat costs under the headings above;

·   costs of wasted planning applications and inquiries.  This happens where a development has been given its planning permission, then a ‘village green’ claim is made;

·   lost public facilities.  A tiny sample includes, but is not limited to, a new magistrates’ court, new National Health Service facilities, schools, much-needed affordable housing;

·   land sales receipts for public authorities.  This income is used either to provide much needed services or to reduce the tax burden;

·   substantial tax receipts lost, when private sector developments are stopped by use of the ‘village green’ claim scam.

Complete lack of control

The amounts of money wasted, or public benefits lost forever, can run into tens of millions of pounds just dealing with any one case.

Oswestry and Warneford are only two of the countless, and uncounted by government, examples.

A bogus village green industry has grown up and become established. There is no proper audit, either government or independent, of the losses and waste of resources involved.