At the end of the first world war the trustees of Warneford Hospital bought some land adjoining the hospital.

In 1948, the property became vested in the newly created National Health Service.

The Local Plan for Oxford reserved the site for development.  The local NHS Trust decided to sell its property, to improve health facilities and fund improvements in patient care.  Homes for key workers would also be created.  The decision was made in 2006.

A person living in some nearby flats decided that this property had become a ‘town or village green’ on the 19th of December 2006.  He then sent a claim form in to the registration authority.

Nimby Weasel Words:

‘Everyone naturally shares a wish to see mental health patients in Oxford benefit from first class facilities.’

Source: Friends of Warneford Meadow newsletter September 2009

Case Study:

The NHS and its Warneford property

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The proposal to be frustrated using the scam:

New and improved hospital facilities; improved patient care; homes for lower-paid workers

Proposer of development:

The National Health Service

Status of property owner:

The taxpayer

Individual claiming that the owner’s property is a ‘town or village green’ and making the application:

Paul Deluce


Warneford, Oxford